Precautions and Warnings

Retatrutide side effects

Retatrutide exhibits similar side effects to other GLP-1 medications, including symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and constipation. According to a particular study, these side effects typically fall within the mild-to-moderate range and tend to manifest when the dosage is increased, akin to the pattern observed with Ozempic and Wegovy. In both cases, side effects tend to intensify with higher prescribed doses.

Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon affiliated with Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery in San Francisco, CA, underscores the importance of determining the optimal dosing regimen for this new medication once it becomes widely available. He notes that early trials aim to establish an appropriate sliding scale dosage schedule to minimize side effects while patients are gradually reaching the maximum prescribed dose.

One study investigating retatrutide suggests that starting with a lower initial dose may help mitigate the drug’s side effects to some extent.


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